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CS7038 Syllabus

This is a rough syllabus for the course. Topics may change week to week as I develop the curriculum further and in response to student feedback.

Scoring Rubric

The course consists of mostly hands-on work analysing artifacts. Therefore, the entire class will consist of projects (8), a final project that will be made available toward the last week of class, and some “participation” scores which may consist of unannounced class-time quizzes, mini-assignments, or forum discussions. The final project will be a malware lab assignment that will attempt to comprehensively test your abilities on the topics covered during the entire semester.

The contribution of each of these to your score will be as follows:

Online course

The course is intended to be attended either in-class and via a remote classroom option that was set up prior to class starting. There is the capability for any student to attend class remotely using the WebEx options listed in BlackBoard. However, the professor makes no commitment to endorse widespread use of this approach or to troubleshooting any problems related to this. If you attempt to use the online option, you’re still expected to attend during the scheduled class times. On-demand learning format is not considered in this course.

The WebEx connection information for the course is available in the BlackBoard page for this course.