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16 January 2020

VM Setup and Test

by Coleman Kane

LAB01: VM Setup and Test

On Tuesday, we walked through using features in VirtualBox to import, snapshot, and configure networking on the Kali VM. I have configured a Win7 VM that is linked in the courseware announcement. The VM is configured to use NAT by default (similar to how Kali was configured) and already has ncat.exe installed.

This independent lab will have you achieve the following goals - you’ll want to use (tcpdump -w as we demoed in class, on the Kali VM, to capture the traffic):

Configure the networking to use Host-Only Network, and using the same VirtualBox/vboxnet host network that Kali is configured to use.

Attach a ZIP file containing the PCAP generated by tcpdump, and also the output.txt file, as the submission for this assignment. Method #2 from This Example might be helpful if you’re using cmd.exe and want a tip on how to accomplish the file write operation without a GUI.

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