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12 January 2017

VirtualBox Lab Setup and Crash Course


VirtualBox Lab Setup and Crash Course

This lecture really dives more into using VirtualBox for creating VMs, and configuring the simulated hardware they will run on. Common features that VirtualBox’s hypervisor offers are explored, with a focus on the components that will be useful in malware analysis.

In this lecture we discuss and demonstrate:

Slides: lecture-w01-2.pdf (PDF)

Video: CS7038: Wk01.2 - VirtualBox Lab Setup and Crash Course (YouTube)

VirtualBox, though supported by Oracle, is also a community-driven project as well. There are some helpful links that I recommend you bookmark and use in the future. People just like you all contribute to make it a great piece of software, and if you feel you have an improvement to recommend or provide, don’t hesitate to collaborate with their community.

Once installed, please feel free to use Chapter 01 to get you more acquainted with it: Chapter 01 Chapter 06 (Virtual Networking)

Repository of helpful MS Windows images that are publicly available for evaluation use:


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